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Different Types of Data Rooms

When choosing a virtual data room, many users are faced with a dilemma – what to choose? After all, dozens of different virtual data rooms differ in several ways. And what suits one of the company’s owners will not be a good choice for another.

Classification of virtual data rooms

All VDR technologies can be divided into two large groups: rooms for small businesses and rooms for medium-sized and large corporations.

Small Business Virtual Data Rooms

Almost every modern business needs a place where information can be safely stored, where you can safely work on different files, and not worry that they will fall into third parties. Such a place is VDR. However, sometimes businesses are faced with the fact that this technology is too expensive. It is not. There are a lot of offers for those who want to get adequate functionality for little money.

For example, the following data rooms are suitable for use in small companies:

  • Docsend. The service will cost you $10 per user or more, depending on the functionality. This is a subsidiary of DropBox. It is trusted by more than 25 thousand companies around the world.
  • SecureDocs Virtual Data Room. This service costs $400 per month for an unlimited number of users and documents to be uploaded. You can set up the application in just 10 minutes and prepare for a deal in a few hours.
  • Ansarada. The cost is selected individually according to the needs of the client. Moreover, it integrates artificial intelligence, which helps it cope with file analytics, and convenient search.

Also, projects such as Clinked, Onehub, BrainLoop are suitable for small businesses. But, of course, many of them offer services for large companies.

Virtual data rooms for market giants

Extensive holdings do not skimp on paying for the services of a virtual data room, but they also have much more requirements. Such companies are willing to pay thousands and tens of thousands of dollars for the ability to work with documents and store them in unprecedented security quickly. VDR technologies of this kind include:

  • iDeals. This is one of the giants in the world of VDR, which has already earned the respect of many tens and hundreds of companies. You can get the program for free for 30 days to ensure its functionality. Everything here is done to the highest standard – from the protection system to the opportunities for transactions.
  • Merrill Datasite. One of the oldest programs for storing data and conducting transactions. It is suitable for medium and large businesses. The cost is requested individually and is calculated according to the client’s requests.
  • Watchdox. This is a subsidiary product from the Blackberry company. The program is suitable for both small and medium-sized large businesses. They use state-of-the-art data encryption systems, support integration with other storage so that you don’t have to transfer files, and have unlimited storage space.

Such software costs range from several hundred to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per month.